Distributed Systems and Networks Lab

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The Distributed Systems and Networks (DSN) Lab is a Computer Science research lab at Johns Hopkins University. We aim to invent and develop technologies with a real-world impact. To achieve this, we work to combine the practical and theoretical aspects of system-building to create systems that are not only practical and deployable, but also provably correct. The broad themes of our work are resilience, performance, and enabling services that were not previously possible.

We are especially interested in systems that require some combination of global reach, timeliness, reliability, extreme resilience, and strong semantics. Our current research includes intrusion-tolerant systems, next-generation Internet services enabled by overlay networks, and high-performance communication and coordination for modern data centers.

Examples of the systems developed in our lab include Spines, an overlay messaging framework, Prime, a replication engine that provides performance guarantees even when the system is partially compromised, and Spread, a high-performance group communication toolkit.

Distributed Systems and Networks Lab
Computer Science Department, Johns Hopkins University
207 Malone Hall
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218