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To download any of these programs, use the below link and fill out the requested information. This information will only be used by DSN to provide updates and bug fixes, and will not leave the DSN research group. If you have a problem with this, please email commedia@cnds.jhu.edu.
  • Paxos for System Builders
    A fault-tolerant replication engine based on our complete specification of the Paxos protocol. (read about it).

  • Prime
    A Byzantine fault-tolerant replication system whose goal is to provide a meaningful level of performance even when some of the servers are compromised. (read about it).

  • Steward
    A scalable Byzantine fault-tolerant replication system for wide-area networks. (read about it).

  • SMesh
    A seamless wireless mesh network which provides fast handoff for 802.11 clients. (read about it).

  • Spines
    A software research platform that allows deployment of a messaging system, including overlay networks, in the Internet. (read about it).

  • Spread
    A high performance messaging toolkit that is resilient to faults across external or internal networks. (read about it).

  • The Stdutil Library
    A toolkit of high-performance C data structures and utility functions. This project is hosted at SourceForge.net. (read about it).

  • Wackamole
    An infrastructure application that helps make a cluster highly available. Similarly it can make a highly available logical router out of several routers. (read about it).

  • Secure Spread
    A library that provides security services for the Spread Group Communication System. (read about it).

  • mod_backhand
    A drop in module for the Apache web server that allows dynamic load-balancing over local area cluster of Apache web servers. (read about it).

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