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Survivable Systems Messaging Systems Group Communication

Survivable Systems

We are interested in designing and implementing systems resilient to both internal and external attacks. Our work in this area combines Byzantine fault-tolerant protocols with cryptographic mechanisms to create scalable, efficient, and robust software solutions. Please click here for more details.

Messaging Systems

We focus on messaging systems for wide area and wireless environments, more specifically on routing, multicast and reliability protocols for networks that rapidly change in structure, availability and bandwidth.
  • Spines
    Spines is a software research platform that allows experimentation and deployment of overlay networks in the Internet. Spines instantiates overlay nodes on the participating computers, and creates virtual links between these nodes. It allows both reliable and best-effort communication through an API very similar to the socket interface.
  • SMesh
    SMesh is a seamless wireless mesh network that provides peer-to-peer connectivity, Internet connectivity, and fast handoff to mobile clients across the mesh. SMesh underlying communication infrastructure is built on a customized version of Spines.

Group Communication

Our work in Group Communication area involves creating both advanced group communication systems for local and wide area networks, and applications that use group communication. A wide area group communication system scales to tens of sites (Local Area Networks), with hundreds of servers, supporting thousands of users. This kind of service is crucial for building useful infrastructures such as scalable certification systems and high performance access control services , as well as collaborative applications and replicated databases.
  • Spread Wide Area Multicast and Group Communication Toolkit
    Spread is a group communication toolkit developed by DSN. It supports both local area networks and wide area networks, while providing services ranging from reliable message passing to fully ordered messages with delivery guarantees even in the case of failures. It is available for download.
  • Secure Spread
    The Secure Spread project integrates security services with reliable group communication. In particular, it enhances the Spread Toolkit with security services.
  • Database Replication
    We research protocols for high-throughput, low-latency replication of services and databases using group communication as a tool.
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