Edmund (Ned) Duhaime

eduhaim1 (at)
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University

207 Malone Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

About Me

I am a fourth year BS/MS student in the Computer Science Department at Johns Hopkins Univeristy. I am a member of the Distributed Systems and Networks lab, participating in research with prof. Yair Amir . My current research is focused on allowing unmodified applications to make use of Spines, an overlay messaging toolkit. I also have an interest in scalalble systems, as well as operating systems.

Current Research

Running Unmodified Applications Through an Overlay

Overlay networks, such as those deployed with Spines, can provide several benefits to applications running over them, such as timliness, reliability, and intrustion tolerance. However, in order for exisiting applications to make use of these overlays their source code must be rewritten. Instead, it would be preferred to have applications use the overlays without their knowledge. Currently we are working on ways to capture the traffic of specific applications and funnel them through the overlay network to achieve this effect. At the moment the research has been limited to Linux systems, but the basic principles are applicable across other operating systems as well.

Courses Taken @ JHU

Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Parallel Programming, Algorithms,
Database Systems, Introduction to Machine Learning, Computer Graphics,
Compilers and Interpreters, Principles of Programming Langauges

Course Assistant

  • Intermediate Programming (Fall 2015)