Intermediate Programming: CS 601.220

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Reference Material
This page contains useful web links, and other documentation and reference material related to CS 220.
Course Official Books
The C Programming Language, second edition
Kernighan & Ritchie,
ISBN: 0-13-110362-8.
This is the book used in the first part of the course.
C++ How to Program
Deitel & Deitel,
ISBN: 0-13-444893-6 (10th)
0-13-337871-3 (9th)
0-13-266236-1 (8th)
0-13-615250-3 (6th)
0-13-185757-6 (5th)

This is the book used in the second part of the course, starting no sooner then mid October, so take your time shopping around.

Online access is availabile for Hopkins students for the 10th edition and perhaps some earlier editions. To get to the electronic versions, first go to the Johns Hopkins library website. Search for "Deitel C++" and click on the first result (which is the 10th edition). Under "Online Access" you should see the available versions. Click to start reading. If you are not on the Hopkins network, at this point you will need to enter your JHED id and password. Now you will be able to see the entire book. Please sign out as soon as you are done, as only a limited number of people can be signed in at once.

C programming and Unix library functions The official GNU C library documentation.

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