Bringing Bluetooth "Into the Cloud"

Ryan McLelland


 As more and more everyday electronics become Bluetooth enabled, the utility of the technology is only going
to increase. At the moment, Bluetooth radios are limited in range to around 100 meters, and this range is greatly
decreased when indoors. The idea behind the Bluefi project was to enable Bluetooth devices to discover and interact
with each other when they are outside of the range of their Bluetooth radio. This would be made possible through the
creation of 'Bluetooth Access Points', which would be connected to the Internet through either Wifi or an ethernet
connection, and which would also have a Bluetooth adapter. A local Bluetooth device would connect to an access point,
which would tunnel the Bluetooth communications over the Internet to another access point, which would then forward
it to the remote Bluetooth device. Implementing this technology would expand the uses of current Bluetooth protocols,
and also enable new protocols to be implemented for Bluetooth devices, such as multicast.


Project Report

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