Rujuta Deshpande and Ben Glickman

In order to explore the possibilities of working with very cheap computers (less than $20 each) and their capabilities, we played with several NEXX routers running OpenWRT, a Linux operating system for embedded devices. We chose to implement a specific project, "A Bump in the Wire", enabling secure communication between two hosts, seamlessly using a pair of NEXX routers. Two NEXX routers are connected over a WAN. They both act as access points to their respective internal LAN networks. When a machine in an internal network wants to communicate with another machine in another internal network, the data packets that are sent, are first intercepted by the access point and then encrypted before being sent out on the WAN. The other router, on receiving packets from the WAN, destined for the internal network, decrypts them. This process is entirely transparent to the hosts at both ends. Local machines can connect to the router via either the local ethernet port or via the 802.11 wireless access.


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Nexx WT3020 Configuration Guide

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