Emily Wagner
Emily Wagner
ewagner (at) dsn.jhu.edu

207 Malone Hall
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Baltimore, MD 21218

About Me

My name is Emily Wagner, and I'm a first-year Masters Student at Johns Hopkins University. I work with Yair Amir in the Distributed Systems and Networks (DSN) lab at the Johns Hopkins University. I received my bachelor's degree from Johns Hopkins in Physics in 2015. My research interests are in high-performance networks and distributed systems. I'm also interested in operating systems and computer security.


Low-latency, High-Performance Networks: Developing tools to evaluate protocols for low-latency high-performance communication through an overlay. This is done through modeling performance of various dissemination graphs on longitudinal data collected on an overlay.

Time-Constrained Flooding: A protocol that, given a source, destination, input network graph, and time budget, provides a dissemination graph whose edges are all on some simple path between source and destination that can reasonably be completed within the time budget. This dissemination graph can be used to reach the optimal performance provided by network flooding (sending all packets on every edge) while significantly reducing the bandwidth cost. This work was done with Amit Mehta. Project page.

Coursework at Johns Hopkins

Algorithms, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Advanced Distributed Systems and Networks, Security and Privacy in Computing


  • Intermediate Programming (Teaching Assistant Fall 2015, Course Assistant Spring 2014)