Sam Beckley

sbeckle2 (at)
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University

207 Malone Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

About Me

I'm currently a masters student in the Computer Science Department at Johns Hopkins University. I'm a member of the Distributed Systems and Networks lab, working with prof. Yair Amir, Tom Tantillo , and Amy Babay to build real world intrusion tolerant SCADA systems.

Current Research

Intrusion-Tolerant Open-Source SCADA

SCADA systems are used to run basic modern infrastructure, and server as a backbone to modern society. Any system failure could have devastating results, and so SCADA systems must continue to operate correctly and at their expected level of performance at all times. However, current SCADA systems are vulnerable to intrusions, and even a single compromise can cause catastrophic consequences. We are developing and implementing the first open-source intrusion-tolerant SCADA system that operates correctly and meets performance requirements even while some components are compromised. The system is designed to survive over a long system lifetime (e.g., decades), and protects against compromises at both the network and SCADA-system level, all while guaranteeing message delivery within stringent latency requirements.


  • 2017 - Outstanding Senior Award - JHU Computer Science - Acknowledges academic excellence, leadership, and service in computer science

  • Courses Taken @ JHU

    Distributed Systems, Advanced Distributed Systems and Networks, Parallel Programming, Algorithms,
    Security and Privacy in Computing, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Network Security,
    Advanced Network Security, Database Systems, Selected Topics in Systems Research, Practical Cryptography

    Courses TA'd @ JHU

    Network Security, Advanced Network Security, Intermediate Programming, Computer Science Innovation and Entrepeneurship